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Good Afternoon Veterans Development How Can I Help You…..


Working for Veterans Development Corporation, Inc. has been very educational and rewarding to me.

While I was hired to answer the phones and perform administrative duties, I have answered many different kinds of phone calls and when they start out  with“I saw one of your company’s trucks…” I immediately think the worst, who’s texting, driving crazy, etc. But that is not always the case.

One of our most recent calls was received during the beginning of the 2018 summer. A woman called and stated her sister saw one of our trucks at Starbuck’s, (Well we all knew who that was! Mark!)  She had no idea what Veterans Development Corporation did and didn’t even know if we could help her out, but she tried anyways. She proceeded to tell me how her son is completely disabled and she needed help to fix his shower. A few plumbers had gone by and gave her an estimate, she hired them, they started the job but never came back to finish. I explained to her that the owner is a Disabled Veteran with the Marine Corps. and we are a construction company who does work for the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs and that we also work for municipalities. I asked what she needed at this point and she went on to explain about how her son’s shower was leaking and she was afraid that the shower would fall thru the floor. I told her we usually do not work on residential projects…..but the owner has a BIG heart and that if he couldn’t help her he could at the very least help her find a good plumber to complete the job for her. Mark, Kevin and Derek (The owner and two VP’s) met at her house to take a look and see what needed to be done for her son. The guys could not believe what they were seeing and the danger it posed to this lady’s disabled son. The shower drain had no slant and the flooring was rotten just to name the obvious issues. The three surveyed the project and decided that VDC needed to help. We ordered what was needed and had our guys work on their own time on Saturday to do the job right to make sure her son had a brand-new safe shower. She was so grateful that Mark would help her and her son this way.

I have received calls from wives who’s husbands just passed away and they wanted to donate their clothing to a Veteran’s Shelter, so instead of pushing them off to find the number and how to do it on their own, I’ll ask them what town they live in and I’ll look up that Town’s website for the Veterans Affairs contact information or I’ll suggest donating to the Veteran’s Clothing Pick-up. They are so please that someone would actually stop what they were doing to help find a number or address for them. I feel it’s the least I can do for a Veteran.

I had one caller call in an complain that one of our trucks just passed him at a light because he was taking too long to turn and he was on his phone. I asked the person who was calling how he got our phone number because it isn’t on the truck, he said he googled it. When my reply was “while you’re driving?” He quickly hung up.

I just finished a conversation this week with a Retired Navy Seabee that was working at the Brockton VA Medical Center and saw one of our trucks on site. He wanted information on how to start his own business. I told him Mark would be the person to speak to for he was one of the founders for Service Disabled Veteran Own Small Business program and that he would be happy to give some tips. The man was so happy; he just purchased his first home and is very excited to start his own business or help with another Veteran.

So while my job duties require me to answer the phone and not be 411 for others, I feel that if I can offer my help then I will.  Working at Veterans Development Corporation has reinforced this behavior when I see all that our company does to help out as much as we can when we are able to. I believe in getting what you give, so I make sure I give all I can.  I am proud to work for a company that has the same core values.

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