Location:Brockton Specialty Clinic, Massachusetts
Dollar Amount:$3,509,135.34
Project Type:Major Renovation’s of the interior on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors simultaneously.
  • Demolition was all masonry & concrete 7,252 square feet of floors, walls, & ceilings.
  • All piping inside the walls & ceilings was insulated with asbestos insulation.
  • All water piping was 62 years old, the life span of that piping was deplorable.
  • All the electrical inside the walls & ceilings was not up to code, also it was 62 years old.
  • All of the flooring was asbestos.
  • All work on 5th & 6th floors were being fed from the existing utilities located on the 4th floor which was and  still is occupied by the VA Contracting Department for the entire VISN 1 (Veterans Information Systems Network) area.
  • Coordination was extremely important throughout the projects duration.
  • All demolition of floors, walls & ceilings was performed on a night shift, not to disturb the patients.
  • All pipe insulation was abated by the asbestos contractor to keep a safe working place.
  • All water piping demo was performed on a night shift, so that it wouldn’t affect the hospital.
  • All the electrical had to be re-worked to keep the power for the hospital.
  • All of the flooring asbestos removal was preformed with the newest equipment, & taken off site daily.
Evaluation:DCAMM Score 96 out of 100

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