Location:Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts
Dollar Amount:$211,195
Project Type:Chiller replacement in Bldg 1612
Challenges:On Saturday February 25th 2012 Veterans Development Corporation swapped out a 250 ton Chiller at Hanscom Air Force base, this was a difficult installation due to the equipment being housed in a 4th floor mechanical penthouse.
The equipment had to be moved across the mechanical room so the crane could be attached; this required the use of several different types of rigging equipment. The rigging equipment used included Skates, jacks steel plating to spread the weight of the equipment out across the floor and chain falls.The Crane used was a 285 ton Lebuir supplied by Astro Crane in Stow MA. The Crane had to lift the equipment over the mechanical penthouse and a cooling tower installed as the first phase of the project. Due to the original design of the roof the Chiller had to be swung into a garage door 50ft in from the edge of the building, without touching the roof. This project required a very tight schedule and coordination with Government agencies including the FAA, due to this work being completed at Hanscom Air Force Base.
Results:Veterans Development Corporation completed the installation of the chiller in less than eight hours.

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