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We can only hope that everyone else feels the same as our employees do about VDC!


Veterans Development Corporation; a company and culture like few others.  You notice it the minute you walk through the inviting doors of the corporate office which feels more like someone’s home.  The staff at the office don’t just work together, they enjoy each other’s company, and it shows.  Yes, this is their workplace, but in a very real sense, it is home away from home for each of them.  Everywhere, there are references to the values of God, Family, Country, and Business; in that order.

As one continues to casually stroll through the offices and “War Room” as the conference center is affectionately referred to, they cannot help but notice the Bible, photos of family, flags and militaria and certifications on display.  You’ll also notice that the doors are rarely closed, especially to the office of the CEO who has a work ethic that few individuals can match.  He wakes up every day before the sun even thinks about cracking the horizon and starts off by hitting the gym, and then he is either off to a job site when needed, or directly to the office where he is generally the first to arrive and the last to leave.  Always very hands on, he is aware of every detail, even though he gives the staff as much autonomy as possible.

Starting with the CEO and his dad, the company is made up of many veterans who have served proudly and sacrificed much.  Victor Voner is a veteran of the Korean Conflict and CEO Mark Voner served in Lebanon with distinction; both of them with the USMC.  As with all veterans, rarely if ever do they discuss specifics beyond their MOS, they don’t have to; their stories of heroism are woven into the fabric of America along with every single person who has worn the uniform and served with honor.

As one might expect given the name of the company, Veterans Development Corporation does everything it can to serve the needs of our veterans; both in hiring practices and by performing work up and down the Eastern Sea Board at numerous VAMCs and improving the experience our veterans receive at those facilities.

The list of veteran organizations that have benefited from the CEOs’ never ending philanthropic activities is as extensive as it very often is anonymous.

As an example, on Friday, August 24, 2018, Mr. Voner closed the entire company for the day so that every employee could take part in a golf tournament that honors a WWII hero who gave it all.  On March 3, 1945, 19 year old USMC PFC William Robert Caddy was fighting alongside of his platoon leader and platoon sergeant on Iwo Jima when a grenade landed in the shell hole they had taken refuge in.  Without a second thought, PFC Caddy sacrificed his own life to save those of his comrades and was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions that day.

I might add, Mr. Voner closed the company and stopped work, but he didn’t stop paying the staff as everyone was not only paid for the day, the company paid for everyone at the entire event.  Ever humble, Mark never asks for anything in return and doesn’t do it for any other reason except for his love of country and those who have served.

This is a great man who runs a great company and along with the rest of the staff, I cannot thank him enough for his continued service and generosity.

Semper Fi Marine.

By David DICrescenzo


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