Calling all interested parties and sub-contractors.  Veterans Development Corporation, Inc. a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned company, is constantly bidding on new projects and as a result, we always invite verifiably qualified, top notch sub-contractors to partner with.

If you have what it takes to work along side one of the most respected General Contractors in the New England area and safety is your number one priority, please feel free to take a look at the jobs we are currently bidding below.  If you have any questions or would simply like to introduce yourself, you may reach our estimating department at 781-659-4050.

Project name                                                                                           Due date for sub bids

Centerville Elementary School                                                                 6/29/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1108 Stairs, Toilet, Door, Walkways                             6/27/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1721 Sink, Stove, Wall, Carpet                                       7/5/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1607 Replace Carpet                                                       7/5/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1722 Replace Carpet                                                       7/5/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1725 Repair Office, Glass Door                                     6/30/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1607 Paint and Carpet                                                    7/5/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1305 Multiple Orders                                                      7/6/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1614 Replace RTU                                                            7/8/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1624 Paint Mech Doors                                                  6/28/21

MACSPO Bldg. 1725 Replace Armory Door                                            7/5/21

USACE Design/Build Natick Labs Boiler Plant                                       6/27/21

VA Leads Slate Roof/Masonry                                                                  6/24/21

VA West Roxbury Atrium Ceiling                                                             6/28/21

VA JP Bldg. 1 Roof PTSD Clinic                                                                  7/1/21

VA West Roxbury Bldg. 1 Cupola Repair                                                 7/11/21

VA Brockton Bldg. 23 Physical Therapy Upgrade                                  7/13/21

VA Leeds Phase 2 Masonry Deficiencies                                                  7/12/21

VA West Roxbury Phase 1 Nurse Call Station                                         7/11/21

VA Bedford Electrical Distribution Upgrade                                           7/25/21