Small business veteran owned sheet metal fabrication companies in MA.

Superior Sheet Metal: A Division of Veterans Development Corp.

Superior Sheet Metal stands ready to provide the HVAC contractor with a new source for fabricated duct work and related items. Superior Sheet Metal operates from a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art shop and is run and managed by people who’ve been in the trade for years as installers, shop workers, shop foreman, and managers. We understand the business and provide first class products and services.

Quality product where you need it, when you need it.
Our goal is to assist you, the customer. We program your name into our Nextel system for immediate communication – which is great for last minute changes.

Need a hand with duct take-offs?
Email or drop off your engineered duct drawings. Our Estimating staff is ready and willing to assist you. Superior has in-house expertise and computer estimate capabilities for your sheet metal projects.

Iowa Precision 6 coil line
Forms all rectangular straight ducts quickly and accurately four, five, and six foot lengths of galvanized and 16Ga black iron, insulated or not. The ability to fabricate 6′ joints can make certain jobs more cost effective.

Three plasma tables
Two of our tables are computer linked, creating a faster and more efficient cutting table with no downtime for loading and unloading. These two tables are also computer linked to an Iowa precision ‘water-jet’ liner cutter. This table will automatically and simultaneously cut liner for fittings being burned on the plasma tables for a perfect fit every time.

Materials and products
Superior Sheet Metal fabricates ALL galvanized ducts from G90 steel. Other materials used include 16Ga black iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and PCD coated steel.

Our standard products include:

  • Rectangular duct, both single and double walled.
  • Spiral Duct and fittings, both single and double walled.
  • Welded duct and fittings
  • Lined ducts, including hospital grade liner [closed cell foam]
  • All ducts are constructed to SMACNA standards

New lifting baskets
Superior Sheet Metal’s two 20′ x 7′ x 5′ material lifting baskets are now available for use. Each basket has a load capacity of 2000 lbs. Superior Sheet Metal will be able to deliver these baskets by flatbed, filled with your duct order, right to the job site. Your scheduled crane will be able to lift these baskets to the roof or upper floors, instantly getting the duct work where it is needed.

Benefits to you:

  • No need to unload the trucks at ground level and then carry the duct to the upper floors by hand – a huge labor cost savings.
  • Meet difficult construction schedules by eliminating the time spent on material handling.
  • Save time. Save money. How cool is that?

Spiral ducts
Superior Sheet Metal can fabricate spiral duct and fittings, from galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or PCD, up to 48″ round. We also fabricate double wall spiral duct, using a perforated metal inner duct wrapped with insulation, and inserted into a larger solid outer duct. Fittings are generally stitch welded for a cleaner, more uniform seem.

For your sheet metal estimate, 781-659-4050 or send an email.

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